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          Bakersfield is a Filipino owned, family run business, which started as the food service division of Actron Industries in 1995.  For more than 20 years, Bakersfield has built a reputation for Quality, Innovation and Service dedicated to bringing the best for Filipinos


          Our core business focuses on an ecosystem of products ranging from Natural Butter systems, Icings, Fondants, Fudges, Syrups, Color in One Natural and Nature Identical heat stable flavors, Premium Cake Mixes, Baking Essentials, Chocolate systems all of which synergistically work with each other in one recipe.


          In its commitment to Quality, Bakersfield is FDA compliant, produced in a company owned subsidiary with a facility that is FSSC, GMP, HACCP, HALAL certified and USFDA registered.


          Part of our core values call for a culture of care be it for our products,  colleagues or customers where everyone works in a family like environment.  Experience our care through this website and Welcome to our Family.

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